Westside Christian Preschool

A Better Place to Grow and Learn!

Children are naturally inquisitive, open, trusting, energetic, and filled with joy. Our caring staff is dedicated to ensure these qualities are nurtured by giving the children opportunities so they can develop self-reliance, initiative, creative thought, and high self-worth. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for hands-on experiences which enrich the child’s total development, i.e.: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive learning. Our goal is for our children to develop a love of learning through play while gaining a positive self-image and a loving attitude toward Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, family and friends.

Preschool Director: Katie Hampton


e-mail:  wcsdirector@outlook.com

2 Responses to Westside Christian Preschool

  1. Brittnee says:

    Interested in your preschool. What are the age requirements, schedule, and pricing? Do you offer a sibling discount?

    • KKnowles says:

      Hello Britnee…we start at 2yrs. and 9mos. potty trained…there is full time and part time…The pricing is as follows:
      Part time 8-12 noon
      T/Th= 145.00 monthly…MWF= 220.00 monthly
      5 days a week = 360.00 8-12 noon
      Full time 8-4pm
      T/Th= 295.00 monthly… MWF= 395.00 monthly
      5 days a week = 475.00 8-4pm
      5 days a week w/ before and after childcare = 575.00 monthly.
      Reg. fee= 85.00 one time fee
      Materials fee= 160.00 annual fee
      Yes, there is a 15% sibling discount.
      I hope this was helpful to you. Please come in and take a tour of our school…I do believe you will find our campus quite nice and we have a great staff with loving teachers here at Westside.
      Looking forward to seeing you soon!

      Kelli Knowles

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